Detox Your Mind to Gain Clarity and Focus

Mental toxins are disruptive thoughts and feelings in our mind. They disrupt our autonomic nervous system, the control system which regulates heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, and other functions. 

"Disturbance whether it be fear, fatigue or frustration plays havoc on your body and brain, not to mention your mental stability." writes Dr. Susan Taylor on her Blog Detox Your Mind. She describes that one of the most profound impacts on our brain and body is the quality of our thoughts. 

To help understand what makes us happy, sad, confident, fearful as well as other emotions, we need to study and observe our thinking process. The constant ebb and flow of these disruptive thoughts and feelings can leave us exhausted, which make it harder to cope with our day to day activities, harder to gain clarity and focus. The good news is that we have the innate ability to get back into balance or homeostasis.

The path to balance and to detox the mind is the systematic practice of observing our thoughts. This will help us become aware of the thoughts in our daily ebb and flow which ripple into emotions and actions. 

You will be amazed when you start to recognize the process and how the thoughts ripple into existence. With practice, you will experience more of the positive thoughts and emotions and less of the disruptive and toxic thoughts and feelings which disrupt our mind-body complex.

Three Steps

Step 1 - Sensory Input

Become aware of how much sensory input you feed your mind. How much time accessing information online using various devices, watching television, movies, news, and of course relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Step 2 - Sensory Assimilation

Become aware of what you assimilate and utilize from the sensory inputs described in step 1. It's important to have positive and nourishing sensory inputs. Are you assimilating more positive or more negative inputs?

Step 3 - Sensory Elimination

Become aware of how much input you eliminate. When you let go what you don't need,  you create  space for energy and clarity. For many, it will be a challenge to let go and move on from perceived insults to ego or regrets from the past.


When you let go what you don't need,  you create  space for energy and clarity.  Detox begins with Mindfulness, by learning to be aware of thoughts, words and actions in the moment. Being mindful allows you to be aware of your thoughts and with practice, to select which thoughts are allowed to persist and ripple into your experience.

Detox your mind by systematically practicing mindfulness and the three steps above you can find yourself with more energy, clarity and mental focus.

Photo by Maf04 on Flicker / CC